MontesSori Teachers Training Program

(Run by Acharya Educational Trust) Warmest Greetings from Acharya Education. We are an educational institution and have been doing edification service since 2007. Our institution has a focus towards modern education with dedication and vow in ensuring the teachers’ community to have a new dimension, focal point and explore towards effective teaching and creating a healthy class room atmosphere that assures schooling as a magnificent experience.

We are academicians and Ours’ is an educational Institution with complete commitment, dedication and a new dimension towards Innovative Teaching with global outlook. Our commitment and contribution towards developing and designing quality education to students’ community is sky high.

We have designed a program with dedication, conscientiousness and meticulousness for the teachers’ community which would enhance and enrich their quality of teaching and would give them a new facet to modern teaching. Acharya Education is proud to launch a government recognized DIPLOMA IN MONTESSORI TEACHERS’ TRAINING with the motto of sowing the hybrid seed of wisdom from the Primary level education with the global outlook.

The Acharya Education is distinctively different in its goals when compared to the other Montessori Teachers’ Training schools. We offer training for KG teachers with international standard focusing the future generations. Speaking in excellent English is mandatory for Montessori Teachers. We believe that if teachers speak in tremendous English, Certainly the seeds of future, the most precious child which is given in the hands of teachers, would grow with excellent communication skills.

Our training program consists of Exclusive training for COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH SKILLS AND SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM along with the Montessori Teachers’ Training program with the goal of making teachers as PROFICIENT IN SPOKEN AND WRITTEN ENGLISH. We take up the promise and go ahead in achieving the destination in English.

We mould the teachers’ community towards global education excelling academically. We statuette the teachers’ community in to probable and renowned role modules for the future generations.

Professional Training for Primary School Teachers from Pre K.G. to class V based on Indian and International Montessori Curriculum.